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About Hein-Werner

For over 80 years Hein-Werner Automotive has stood for quality, durability and high performance in the Automotive Lifting Industry. With its origination from the Walker / Lincoln / Hein-Werner Family of Lifting, Hein-Werner Automotive designs have been an industry standard for numerous decades and still continues to grow. 

In 2003 SFA Companies acquired the Hein-Werner Automotive Line, bringing its production and engineering back to the United States, furthering the high quality reputation of the Hein-Werner Automotive Lifting Line as the most trusted brand in the industry.

With a multitude of offerings, the Hein-Werner Automotive line covers every portable lifting need from small automotive to heavy duty. Aside from lifting, Hein-Werner Automotive also offers the most durable high tonnage shop presses on the market to cover all of your pressing needs. 

US Manufacturing have made Hein-Werner Automotive a staple to many government entities, including the United Stated Military. Due to numerous specification requirements, such as TAA / BAA Compliance, you can be assured that all products you purchase meets the most up to date safety standards and quality requirements available.

Hein-Werner quality is built to last in the most strenuous of shop settings and continues to prove it when it comes to high usage tools. Time is money in the shop, prevent down shop time by relying on the “Old True Blue” for your lifting needs.