About Blackhawk Automotive

Dating back to 1919, the name Blackhawk has been a leader in the Automotive Industry for high quality tools and lifting equipment. Originally founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the early 20th century, Blackhawk soon began to develop a reputation for high quality hand tools, floor jacks and numerous other tools to repair vehicles. By the time the 1970’s came around the product offering was so expansive that the categories within the line were separated into a hand tool company, Blackhawk and a lifting company, Blackhawk Automotive. 

In 2003 SFA Companies acquired the Blackhawk Automotive line to carry on its proud heritage of high-quality lifting equipment. Blackhawk Automotive continues to be a premier choice for the commercial tire industry and is sold throughout North America by various Retailers & Wholesale Distributors as professional product mechanics can trust. 

Blackhawk Automotive product innovation continues to meet the most up to date safety standards and continually strives to revolutionize the lifting market. All products are designed with the mechanic in mind for ease of use, safety and affordability. 

Banner by Blackhawk Automotive offers a semi-professional line for the home mechanic. Banner jacks have been voted nationally as the most affordable commercial grade jack in the United States.

Blackhawk Automotive, a name you can trust.


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