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About Porto Power

In 2003 SFA Companies acquired Porto-Power® to continue the tradition as the most respected body repair equipment name in the industry. A wide variety of body repair kits, pumps, rams, hoses and accessories currently provide shops with options for every body repair job they could possibly have.

In the late 1930’s the Blackhawk Jack Company created the concept of separating the two main elements of a jack, the pressure developing pump and the power push ram. Once separated these were attached with a hydraulic hose to allow the fluid to travel between the two of them. The systems were a hit with the autobody repair shops for pushing out dents and straightening frames of vehicles. The concept that was generated was trademarked Porto-Power®. 

Over the years Porto-Power® became the standard for portable body repair equipment. 4, 10 and 20-ton body repair kits were created to handle a wide variety of different body repairs. Quick changing adapters and extensions make these units easy to use and highly versatile.  

Porto-Power® is often imitated, but never duplicated … It remains the original & premier body repair equipment line in the collision industry.