About Pro-Lift

Launched in the mid 1990’s Pro-Lift® has become one of the most recognizable names in the automotive industry for semi-professional lifting equipment. Designed with professional features to meet DIY price points has made Pro-Lift® a standard in many Automotive, Farm & Home and Retailers shelf spaces. 

Unique patented features assist any mechanic in completing the job at hand in an efficient, easy and affordable manner. Pro-Lift® products are consistently evaluated to ensure that the most up to date safety standards are adhered to ensure a safe working environment for any mechanic.

The broad range of lifting devices, holding devices, creepers and assorted tools allow for a variety of options to meet your home shop needs. Also, within the Pro-Lift® line is a wide variety of Lawnmower Lifts, Utility lifts (ATV’s, UTV’s, Snowmobiles) to service all of your outdoor and recreational vehicles. 

Lift like a Pro with Pro-Lift®.